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Change It Up, LLC. offers TrailChats® to our corporate clients as a unique and highly impactful alternative to traditional (inside) workshops and coaching. Whether we are at HQ or onsite for your team or organizational meeting, we will organically shift energy and perspective by stepping away from the breakout room and into the great outdoors! This collaborative 'laser coaching' experience is based on a specific topic-driven workshop followed by a walk (or light hike) with one of our certified TrailChats® coaches and facilitators. 


Our Signature TrailChats®


Mindful Leadership.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs & Barrier Breakthrough.


Uncover Authenticity & Purpose.

Set Healthy Boundaries to Enhance Productivity.

Boost Change Agility & Resilience.

Enhance Customer Engagement.

Better Manage Difficult People & Situations.

Optimze Time & Energy Management.

Breakdown Silos & Supercharge Collaboration.


Group Coaching & Walking Workshops™

Accelerate awareness and shift perspective to overcome limiting beliefs and barriers with one of our certified TrailChats® coaches and facilitators.

As a small group, we will unplug to 'walk and talk'. Each participant will receive 1:1 laser coaching based on the selected topic and individual pain point expressed. Participants also have the opportunity to glean best practices from each other while walking alongside colleagues.

One-on-One Coaching

Connect privately with one of our certified TrailChats® executive & performance coaches for a walk or light hike in your desired area (where available).

We offer an array of mindful methodologies and strategies to upskill leadership capabilities and optimize mindset in order to show up each day as your best self! Join a single session as part of your professional development journey or inquire about our multi-session packages.

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