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The ultimate UNSTUCK laser-coaching session!

Learn simple strategies to smash through limiting beliefs, overcome barriers, and get those endorphins going! Join us in the great outdoors with one of our TrailChats® certified coaches and walking workshop facilitators.


Trailchats® was created in 2015 by the CEO of Change It UP, LLC., Nina Antinora.

Nina is a #1 best selling author, Smart with Heart™ thought leader, and mindful change agility expert. Through extensive research, training, and Nina's very own personal transformation, she discovered the abundant benefits of laser-coaching outside of the office. This inspired Nina to share her life-changing experience with others!


What exactly is laser-coaching?

Laser Coaching is a specialized technique to rapidly reach a specific goal within a single session.  Each experience provides a shift in mindset, which is the first step towards successfully implementing and sustaining any type of change.


The results are in.

Being outdoors and connecting with nature can decrease stress, increase productivity, open up our creativity, and allow ourselves the space to think differently.  That leaves room for us to tap into our authentic selves, which promotes an increase in openness and vulnerability, along with incredible shifts in mindset to uncover solutions from within.


Trailchats® in Action.

Each session is based on a predetermined topic that will follow a proprietary coaching method developed by Change It Up® to transform mindset and optimize behavior. This organically translates into boundless success!



Whether you participate in one of our Corporate or Mini TrailChats®, you will experience an increase in self-awareness, an enhanced ability to re-frame challenges, problem solve, and burn some calories!


Corporate Walking Workshops   & TrailChats®.


Personal & Community 'Mini' TrailChats®.

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