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In addition to our corporate, business, and leadership programs, Change It Up, LLC. is proud to offer 'Mini' TrailChats® to individuals, local communities, and non-profits at a discounted fee. We provide simple, yet life-changing tools and strategies to help you shift mindset in order to tackle what keeps you up at night. You’ll also have the opportunity to create deeper connections with other like-minded people in your area.

We are fueled by our unwavering passion to provide the tools and strategies to help you show up each day as your best self. This is truly an experiential growth mindset activity that refuels and supercharges your soul tank!


Our Signature 'Mini' TrailChats®

Increase Awareness & Regulate Emotions.

Uncover Authenticity Connect Passion & Purpose.

Trust the Process

Shift Perspective & Refocus.

Overcome Limiting Beliefs & Barrier Breakthrough.


Set Healthy Boundaries Less Stress/More Joy.

Increase Confidence & Find Your Voice.

Better Manage Difficult People & Situations.

Work/Life Balance

Optimize Time & Energy

Untangle the Chaos

Gain Clarity & Focus.

Group Coaching

Shift mindset, create conscience connections, burn calories, and de-stress with one of our certified TrailChats® Coaches.


These 1.5 hour experiential sessions cover a variety of predetermined topics spanning from self-care and personal growth to creating more joy at work or reimagining your entire career.


In addition, we offer tips and tools to enhance relationships and improve work/life balance as a parent. Through this collaborative process you will also have the opportunity to glean best practices from each other.


We offer single group sessions or sign up for a multi-session package to receive an additional discount and gain access to an array of mindful methodologies and strategies to show up as your best self!

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1:1 Coaching

Connect privately with one of our certified TrailChats® Life & Business Coaches for a 1 hour walk or light hike in your desired area (where available).


During these transformational sessions you will have the opportunity to get those endorphins going, practice self-care, tackle what keeps you up at night, and create an action plan that is aligned with your greatest good.


We offer a variety of 1:1 Trailchats® packages that can be customized for your personal or professional goals.


You will also have access to Change It Up's Resource Portal where you can download additional tips and tools to help

supercharge your transformation. 

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